In C and Air

ICA, London, 12-16 August 1986

In C and Air , 1986 was commissioned by ICA for a run in their theatre. BGE invited the poet, Bob Cobbing to create and perform several sound poems for In C and Air. They worked with the company Miraculous Engineering to help create a complex arrangement of pulleys to animate the entire stage as a percussive instrument. Within the stage was a re-enforced glass tank of water which facilitated sounds that could be ‘bent’ by being played in water as well as waterfalls created by buckets with different sized drilled holes, on pulleys dipping in and out of the water. An entire hinged stage full of instruments attached on the back was engineered to suddenly fall down around them. A light sensitive screen covered the back wall, on which they used flash guns in the dark to ‘catch’ momentary shadows of instruments which were thrown and played in mid-air. Car doors were motorised to slam and open in different rhythms whilst the wipers and headlights created moving shadows. London's Time Out magazine remarked in a review ‘There’s a flying car that thinks it’s Ornette Coleman’s drummer.’


In C and Air (1986)

Bow Gamelan Ensemble with Bob Cobbing